PHY220 Festkörperphysik Praktikum

Information about PHY220

Responsibles: Dr. Matthias Hengsberger, Dr. Qisi Wang

This laboratory course should be taken in parallel to the lecture PHY210 Solid State Physics.

Lecture Catalogue: PHY220 Praktikum Festkörperphysik

The lab course will start roughly mid-October. In groups of two students you will carry out one out of three experiments, and write a report. The practical work and the report will be graded. The module is passed if the report is accepted and if the grade is sufficient (better than 4.0)


On Monday, starting from 9:15. The experiments will take a full day; for some experiments running over night, you may need to come back the next day to collect the data.

Calendar:  online (link per e-mail) or as PDF (PDF, 17 KB)  (login)


"Laue": Laue x-ray diffraction from single crystal samples.

Manual (English version) as PDF

Room: 36-H-86 - meeting in front of the lab


"Semiconductor": Electrical resistance as function of temperature of a semiconductor.

Manual (new English version) as PDF

Room:  11-E-87 - meeting in lab 11-E-90


"Superconductor": Electrical resistance of a high-temperature superconductor (with magnetic field measurements).

Manual (new English version) as PDF

Room:  11-E-29 - meeting in lab 11-E-90


Dr. Qisi Wang

Dr. Lin Chun

MSc Changsheng Chen


For questions concerning the lab course please contact
Matthias Hengsberger, 11-G-06.