Higgs PO

Higgs pseudo-observables

Higgs pseudo-observables (PO) is a general framework to parametrize smooth deviations from the Standard Model in single Higgs production and decays. They are based on a general characterization of on-shell amplitudes, via a momentum expansion around the physical poles, corresponding to the intermediate propagation of the Standard Model gauge bosons.

In order to perform collider studies of these PO via a Montecarlo event generator, we implemented the framework in a FeynRules 2 UFO model. This can be imported in the MG5_aMC@NLO or Sherpa generator.

Our intention is to use the same notation for the Higgs PO as the one which will be adopted by the LHC Higgs cross section Working Group. In particular, we will update the code in order to be consistent with the work being done within the working group.

Download links to the model files, the manual, as well as tutorial notes, can be found in the Download page.